Westbound TV

Westbound TV

'The Farm'

Director: Calum Macdiarmid

DP: Ben Fordesman

Production company: Great Guns

Location: Wayward Hill Farm

Using our barn studio both as production base and location the shoot also took advantage of the farmhouse, lake, woods, fields and barns finishing up with a serious tracking shot on a burning shed. The day was a big success and both producer and director were extremely pleased with the setup and diversity of the location.

Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty adjacent to the Ashdown Forest the farm location offers both level and hillside fields as well as beautiful mature woodland and three lakes, there is also a large herd of deer in permanent residence.

Temporary above ground pool available as water shooting option. 32ft x 16ft with a depth of 4.5ft.

40 miles from London and 30 miles from Brighton.

Sony FS7 + Zeiss ZF hire option.

Indikidual SS13

Direction/Camera: Tim Walker

Production company: Westbound

Art direction Syreeta Johnson & Robin Ek

Location: Wayward Hill Farm